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A picture walk of Acadia National park, Maine

Nested in the Atlantic coast lush green mountains glaciers granite capped tops and mystic serene ponds make a perfect destination for any nature lover. Surreal sunset in the Cadillac mountain, rocky seasides whether you are a trekker or a laid back traveler Acadia national park, Maine will hold a special place in our heart whether you visit in summer spring or fall.

Main Highlights of the park
  1. Cadillac Mountain
  2. Jordan Pond
  3. Park loop road
  4. Sand beach
  5. Bass Harbor head lighthouse
  6. Bar Harbor the nearest town close by


  1. Love these photos! The park looks beautiful.

  2. This is so gorgeous!!!! I can't wait to visit I only live an hour away from here!

  3. I love your photos! Bar Harbor and Acadia are favorite destinations of ours!

  4. I've always wanted to visit Acadia Maine. It looks so peaceful.

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