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Sunflowers in Lyman orchard ,Connecticut

Wandering around flower fields always gives me some kind of solace and serenity. Every year during summer without giving a miss, I visit flower fields especially Sunflowers. Such a no age-bound activity fun and frolic. You rediscover the child in you.  Last year I visited Buttonwood Sunflower field and this year Laymen Orchard Sunflower in Connecticut. Situated in the cascading hills, this sunflower field has many characters. Lines of tall trees with a sea of gorgeous yellow flowers is a fun visit always. The best part is, a portion of their sale is donated to various charities each year. In addition,  you can pick your own fruits. They have seasonal fruits like apples, blueberries, and peaches as well. We love to visit the supermarket too it was filled with fresh produce and baked goodies. 

There are numerous photo opportunities for yourself or with the family. I love the elevated porch from where you can get a view of almost the entire field. Every pathway leads you to wonderful photo opportunities.  If you are looking for an easy fun-filled or simple feel-good day with your kids or just for yourself, I definitely recommend it. My kids enjoyed a lot running around in the field. If you get a chance, do check this out. There is still time to experience the yellow wonder. 


  1. Gorgeous pictures and I love love love your outfit! The wide belt looks so chic!

  2. This is so beautiful, such a lovely garden..


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