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Hidden Gem Greenwood Cemetery for cherry blossom in the NYC

      In the hustle and bustle and in the bustling corners of NYC the 1st time I visited the city, I wondered where the people in the city go for a quiet corner! Do the people have any place to escape where they want to enjoy nature or some quiet corner? Then I visited the central park, the greenery of the park was quite different and what bliss to come from the city of sky scrappers and to enter into the world of greenery.

       And a few weeks back when I visited the city, I discovered Greenwood cemetery. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it was a great find to see the nature and spend some time alone or with family, lines of green trees, swiping view of the city, lakes, flowers, sculptures and what not. Most amazingly you can see the city showering in the pink cherry blossom. Greenwood cemetery could be your great destination to see the spring blossom and cherry blossom, not just a solace for your eyes but for your heart and mind. Enjoy the flowery walk.


  1. wonderful writing with awesome pics .. keep up the good work

  2. Awesome photos! Lovely cherry blossoms indeed!


  3. Beautiful photos! Loved Cherry Blossom Season! It's magical!


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