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Happy mother's day

Motherhood, as if the word sums up the whole world in one's life nevertheless today's women responsibilities shouldn't be limited to just one or define by one role in life. Responsibility reminds motherhood comes up with all responsibilities and contributions inspirations and encouragement. Responsibility of preparing kids for their future, teaching them good or bad and right or wrong, as today's kids are tomorrow's future maker.

At the same, while taking care of family and kids we mothers tend to forget taking care of ourselves not just in external ways but internal ways too. It's important to take care of our health as well our internal ways like doing things we love after all mothers are the mirror of a child's life.
      How are you mommy's celebrating mother's day? My kids are excited with their little surprises and never-ending plans of making me happy, made my day. Wish you all a very happy mother's day, including mine which is very precious to my life.