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La Encomienda, Madrid review

I have a thing for homemade and handmade. While traveling, I often look for something similar. While looking for a restaurant in Madrid,  I came across La Encomienda, which I have already heard rave reviews about. Homey rustic La Encomienda, at first glance and gleeful greeting, melted my heart away. A cozy and beautiful interior, a colossal combination of hearty food and most attentive service makes it one must eat place in Madrid. [Madrid Hotels]

Serving in unique cookery, a mileage of Asian and Latin American vegan food with a creative culinary touch, their menu is incredibly unique.

After a great day of sightseeing, we needed a plate of food that is not just filling but also a nutrient, and here came a basket of seeded assorted bread.  Straight from the oven, the bread basket was rustic and delicious.  Then TARTAR OF ANDEAN TOFU, Tofu crumbled with leek, quinoa, and zucchini seasoned with Tabasco and coriander oil. What a unique and delicious combination of crumbly tofu with delicate and delicious coriander infused sauce.

And hubby had HAMBURGUESA TEX-MEX, Hamburger in paprika bread with purple onion, tomato, oak leaf with tex-mex sauce and green mojo. A hearty yet satisfying for your taste bud, hard on the outside and soft inside, made it scrumtamios and has the same taste of burger without the guilt of eating thousand-plus calories of a hamburger plus the benefit of eating all the super veggies.

As an eastern Indian, my love for rice is never ending and here we had MAFE OF VEGETABLES WITH SMOKED TOFU AND RED RICE,  Stew of vegetables and smoked tofu with tomato and peanut base served with red rice. I loved the consistency of the gravy, it was as whippy as Indian butter masala curry yet infused with some great flavor.

 Portion size was too good and you can share if you are not single like me. Then we headed for the sweet treat. Here came the surprise Creamy of peach, cashew, and coconut, ice cream with sesame tiles. How I enjoyed the velvety and luxe ice cream with crunchiness and nutty flavor of sesame. Good food is what you carry months after months and years after years after you had consumed it and your taste bud refuses to forget. It was something like that and will stay with me for years to come, the memory of the evening with good food and the most gracious service.

Address: Calle Encomienda, 19, 28012 Madrid, Spain
Hours : 
(Feast of the Immaculate Conception)
Hours might differ


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  2. The la encomienda madrid looks rustic in its appearance itself. It has a soothing feel and its settings is closely linked to nature.

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