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Hope for tomorrow and a new beginning 2019

          Ah, we are in the last few days of 2018. This year has been a year of endurance and test. There were several life-changing events,  my grandmother's died, my neighbor passed away untimely and a friend went through almost death and survived. I saw so closely the unpredictableness of life. Also, my dad being hospitalized a few times and still not well. There were so many times my heart sunk and I lost my cool. At times, I tried to escape in the books, music, shopping and what not, but at the same time learned to appreciate things that I have, and take care of things before it's too late.

     All these difficult times, one aspect that kept me going is hope and hope for tomorrow. Without hope, no one can probably survive. Hope is like a flamboyant river that just knows to flows above all hurdles. With the hopeful hope for 2019 - you, me and everybody, wish you all a very prosperous new year 2019!


  1. Dear Devajani.... May God give you strength , never lose hope ...much Love-Asmi

  2. faith and hope are the most important things in life after all without faith and hope your dreams for a better tomorrow are never possible. Keep your faith and hope alive live everyday for tomorrow. I hope you all a great new year and many ore to come.

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