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A photo walk of Cordoba

A seamless blend of touristy and history, once the capital of today's AndalucĂ­a region during the Muslim reign, Cordoba is considered one of the hottest city in Spain and of course one of the most stunning city. Situated on the hills Cordoba is vibrant, you will almost feel like entering into the festivities with winding Spanish alleys, patios decorated with flower pots, shops and full of life and there is some kind old world charm surrounded by the grand Mezquita. Unlike Toledo mileage of three culture Moorish, Roman and Jewish make it more enchanting and unique. Cordoba is in full bloom of culture and esthetics when celebrating the Patio festival in May but you won't regret visiting it without making it to the festival like us there are a lot more to soak in.

Highlights of Cordoba

1. Appreciate the architecture.

2. Get lost in the history

3. Shop and cherish

4. Explore the aesthetics of the city.


  1. Beautiful! I will have to go visit it! Thanks for the beautiful pics!

  2. Wow! Cordoba looks incredible! I really would love to visit Spain one day. Your photos are so amazing!

  3. It looks absolutely beautiful, what a gorgeous part of Spain! And you wore the perfect outfit for exploring it :) Love the pics

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  5. Stunning! Wow, great shots! Looks like you had a great time!

  6. I would absolutely love to visit Spain! Cordoba looks incredible. Thank you so much for giving us a little peek of all it's wonders ♡

  7. I recently read another post about looks SO beautiful!

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  8. Wow I have never been here, but the scenery looks beautiful!! So many things to see - thank you for sharing!


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