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Why you must visit Gypsy quarter in Sacramento, Granada

      In this world, difference and uniqueness always make marks in life. Uniqueness not just breaks down the monotonousness, but expands the horizon of ones life. Perhaps that is the reason people often run for unknown and wonder about in uniqueness.

      Sacromonte (“The Sacred Mount”), with the rolling hills in a bit distance and the alluring alley of narrow cobblestone roads, whitewashed buildings with Moorish character and the grand view of enchanting Alhambra, the medieval quarters of the Moorish era is this eclectic and beyond picture perfect town. Small shops and eateries surrounding this place, Albayzin flamenco and perfect mileage of cultural tidbits, history, and heritage give you a different insight of Spain.

      Everywhere you look, a magnificent view unfolds for you, and your fantasy is on your foot as you walk a bit in the narrow and seep lanes. With the changing time, some houses turned into hotels and restaurants, yet these medieval quarters still shelter the ancient architecture that makes you even more interested in visiting as you sense the era gone by is still present. This whimsical settlement of Spanish gypsies (the Gitanos) settled here from 15th to 18th century.  Picturesque little cozy houses, alluring architecture, artfully hanging ceramics and flowery courtyard depicts one of the prettiest pictures of Idyllic Granada. The raving part is quarter still retains authenticity and intriguing without being touristy.
Whether you are just for a day or a laid-back traveler, you stay for a few days and stop for a few hours Gypsy Quarter intrigue you and let you experience the world of uniqueness and charm.


  1. Looks beautiful! Also, love your dress in the first pic :)


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