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Flax and Kale Barcelona melange of culinary invention and feel good food

      Travel requires so much energy and enthusiasm and it can't be done without some good food. To be precise without a great and scrumptious breakfast no travel day is complete. While traveling, it is not easy to eat healthy all the time, yet we always try to make sure that we stay on the route of eating healthy.

      Flax and Kale, the name says it all. Is it?  All the superfood that we need to nurture the temple called the body and soul.  In preparing for one of the long sightseeing days in Barcelona, we wanted great breakfast that's not just scrumptious but healthy too and that brought us to Flax and Kale. A wide open and transparent kitchen, one can actually see the food while cooking and an ambiance that every foodie thrives for serving lunch and dinner as well as gluten-free and raw foods. An innovation and healthy take personified menu had a lot to choose from.

      While going through the menu, I couldn't resist when I saw a doughnut on the menu with a healthy take. First thing first, I ordered the decadent maple glazed doughnut. A non-fried almond flour doughnut glazed with maple syrup. It was one of the best doughnuts I have ever tried guilt free. Soft and succulent and light inside and sweet outside. If mom can eat a doughnut, how can daughter resist eating a cookie? My daughter had a vegan chocolate chip house-made cookie.

      Then I had Scandal Scramble, scrambled free-range eggs, assorted mushrooms, spinach, tomato,  green garlic, feta cheese, carrots and came with 6 cereal whole wheat bread. As the name holds so much, I expected a little more innovation but nevertheless, it was delectable with juicy veggies almost gave you a homey taste. There was no denying their food personifies the freshness.

      My husband got  Classic Avocado Toast, a whole wheat sliced bread with avocado, lemon, cayenne pepper, flax and chia seeds. When a simple food gets a culinary makeover, then this is it. The presentation and the taste took it to another level and yet keep the clean eating real and simple and sustainable.

      My kids love waffle and here they were happy to get their favorite breakfast, a sweet waffle topped with chocolate ice cream, kiwi, and strawberry. They were in their dominion of deliciousness without knowing that was superlatively healthy.

      We ended our breakfast and moved along for the long day with no guilty but a fabulous feeling.


  1. Flax and Kale sounds wonderful! I love starting my day off with s great breakfast, especially when traveling.

  2. What a wonderful spot. That doughnut sounds amazing!

  3. Loved it there - going back this weekend. can't wait.


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