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LOV, Montreal - A culinary delight

A delicate, delightful food fare with a definite conscience, a chic place what is called  Lov Montreal.
A vegan plant-based homey affair with a twist of creativity, culinary brilliance acute interior, terrarium, hanging swing chair LOV instantly cuts a pretty picture.

Beginning with A French onion soup piping hot cheese drizzling on the top was a delicious sight even before tasting it. A warm treat for a cold Montreal night. A gooey cheese in the soup in every spoon makes you take spoon after spoon.

Then we had assorted appetizer the Mediterranean inspired plater was applause with an array of colors and flavor. Delicate avocado puree, Creamy beetroot hummus olives with oil, vegan mayonnaise loved the silky texture also came with multigrain bread.

Then I had coconut curry with  Coconut Curry-Bed of basmati rice, squash, kale, carrot and crispy cashew with a hint of lime. A must try and most comforting of all with a delectable taste. A rich creamy, coconut curry and delicately cooked rice go well with carefully baked squash and freshness of kale and nutty cashew with a great crunch.

Then we had Mushroom Gnocchi  - sweet buckwheat potatoes gnocchi with hemp basil pesto, arugula, and almond parmesan. The savory and slippery gnocchi was right on the spot with basil pesto and authentic arugula and almond parmesan. I am not a vegan, but it was difficult for me to differentiate the taste between almond parmesan and regular parmesan. As the motto of Lov is food from local and less travel and the taste surely endorse that motto.

     Then we had Mushrooms Risotto -arborio rice oyster mushroom, cashew cream and almond parmesan. Warm Risotto with a tint of buttery flavor deliciously paired with moist mushroom and creamy cashew.

 And we ended our day with vegan cheesecake. Rich nuts and dates based cake was scrumptious and garnished with berries.
 I am always intrigued by a restaurant like Lov who offers not just nutrient-dense food for your taste but food for your spirit as well. Whether you are vegan or vegetarian or not, you inevitably will fall in love with Lov.


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