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Invitation V, Montreal

Chic and charming and a few feet away from the Cathedral Invitation V was inviting at the first glace. Lots of natural elements and soothing decor with a little mix of modern contemporary interior, Invitation V was worth a visit.

   Inspired by global cuisine Invitation V's menu is raved up with locally grown food that is not only nutrient dense but also healthy and sustainable. Sassy Vegan Invitation V's service was quick and friendly, and we opted for a piping hot soup. We chose the soup of the moment, a french onion soup, caramelized onion on top and garnished with sunflower seeds. It was delectable thick yet right consistency. Then hubby opted for Quesadilla with Mexican sauce. I love the succulent taste of vegan cheese, and the salsa was quite refreshing.

   For the mains, I had ‘’Butter chicken’’ (Vegetables, fried tofu, and jasmine rice).  As an Indian origin, I have an apparent inclination for thick creamy butter chicken. Invitation V hooked me entirely with the vegan version of it. Love the silky curry with distinctive tomato flavor and delicately cooked on a bed of jasmine rice. My hubby had chickpeas burger that came with salad and fries. It was delicious with luscious garden fresh vegetables and golden crispy fries. When coming to price, it is on a little higher side so to match the high level they keep.

No meal would be complete without a sweet note. Here we had in invitation V vegan blueberry cheesecake and triple chocolate cake. Unlike all other entries, the healthy twist was evident in their desserts as well.  When great taste and nutrition meets it take food to another level. That's what we felt after visiting Invitation V. Succulent, sweet and a nutrient dense nutrient experience.


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