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Majuli - rhythmic rejuvenate retreat part 1

      I was waiting in the ghat to cross the river to get to the world's biggest river island Majuli.  I was high on my emotion, leaving my kids with my mom and at the same time fascinated about visiting Majuli for the first time. Then a lady came and interrupted my thoughts asking about what to see in Majuli? It took me awhile to recollect my thoughts and by the time I was able to answer she had disappeared. When I think about Majuli, I wonder if my words really justify the real, rhythmic and rustic as well artistic muse Majuli.

      When we took the ferry ride, it was entirely different than regular ferry rides. It was difficult to differentiate the difference between land and sand. After one hour ride, we got to Majuli. We visited our relative in Komalabari and after an hour was ready to explore the unspoiled land. We took our car to Samuguri about 3 miles from Komalabari. At that time the color of the crimson sky was merging with turquoise ocean blue. I sensed this world is entirely different than the world I belong to, yet I got connected immediately. As if, the dream sequences of yesteryears where time pause for a while in the simplicity and serenity of its charming little world far from the industrialization and urban spin. The road itself was a beautiful ride, numerous small ponds; dotted mustard fields full on bloom with yellow, cow grazing on the roadside, carefree childhood in the courtyard, fishermen nets and no trace of plastic bottles and polythene unlike other places in India. Every 1 in 3 women wearing colorful handloom wear, the whistle that is floating on the horizon from tribal villages and drum and dhol rhythms coming from the satras.

      Majuli world's most largest inhabited riverine island on the mighty river Brahmaputra, Assam India. The first island district of India  135.9 square miles of land consisting of 200 villages and 22 operating satras, initially it was 65. Satras are the cultural hubs of Majuli.

Majuli - rhythmic rejuvenate retreat part 2


  1. Few people would have heard about the historical significance of such a place like Majuli in India.

    It is good to know that such a world reknowned place exists in India and it is changing our biosphere.

    Thank You for sharing,


  2. Its good to see such place exit in India,thanks for sharing your feeling.


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