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Humble tribute to Sridevi and her top 8 favorite movies.

      Even before my teen, whenever she appeared on the big screen, my eyes got outstruck with aw by her beauty. She is unbelievably beautiful, like a dream. Such was her impact on a little girl. In India,  from kids to senior citizens, village to city, her beautiful dreamy eyes drawn a thousand dreams breaking class, color, and language barriers, every time she appears on the screen.  Yes, she is none other than the indisputable queen of Bollywood, Sridevi. Her stardom was quite different, and the word actor was used for the first time for an Indian female actor is Sridevi. At the age of 54, her untimely demise on 24th February last month created a massive vacuum and void in India and abroad in the hearts of every art affectionate. At the age of 4 started her acting debut, Sridevi acted in almost 300 films in 6 languages with several national awards and India's fourth highest civilian award, Padmashree. Not only acting, but her substance and style also brought a new aura to Indian movie industry. My post is a humble tribute to India's first female superstar Sridevi and the vast legacy she left behind.  Here are my top favorite films of Sridevi
1. Chandini  (1989) Directed by Yash Chopra, blockbuster hit Chandini is a romantic saga. Chandini means Moonlight. Just like aesthetics of moonlight, Chandini is aesthetic delight sensitivity and beauty. Sridevi was a delight in this film. Her looks remain as a trendsetter even after a decade.
2. Mr. India. (1987)  Mr. India was Anil Kapoor's film, but we can't imagine Mr. India without Sridevi and her comic timing. Her power pack performance was the fulcrum part of this sci-fi and thriller movie where she played a crime reporter called Seema. Who can forget the song Kate Nahi Katte".
3. Lamhe (1991) . Portrayed two character mother and daughter Lamhe remains Sridevi's one of the splendid performance. The transition from mother's charter to daughter is immaculate. The film shot in Rajasthan and London is a roller coaster romantic saga where she won the 37th Filmfare award for the best actress.
4. Khuda Gawah (1992) Here she coupled with the B'towns Superstar Amitabh Bachan. Lavish and romantic epic Khuda Gawah, Sridevi pulled it with panache and elan and acute acting. Never to be missed.
5. Chaalbaaz (1989)  Yet again here she played two twin character separated by birth one Anju another Manju. Anju quite and calm and Manju seasoned and savvy she lived up two characters in one film with great captivating comic timing and dodge dancing ability and her inevitable acting brilliance.
6. Sadma (1983)  After a car accident injured head a young woman regresses childhood and story of her aloof teacher. One of Sridevi's most beautiful performance with countless cinematic moments.
7. English Vinglish (2012)One can't imagine after a gap of 15 years from celluloid she came with such grace and elan. Yes, this was Sridevi's come back film. Sheer soulful performance and every woman can relate to that permanence Sridevi with her emotional best one of the most feel-good movie.
8. Mom (2017)Unfortunately this was the last film journey before her heavenly abode. Where she proved, she could pull a film without a great screenplay. She played a mother and teacher with her up spontaneity and gifted acting aptness.


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