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Where to eat in Athens (Vegan and vegetarian options)

For people who visited Greece or Athens, it will always linger in their taste buds, Greece Cuisine or food. You can't deny the appeal of the lip-smacking Greek gastronomy. From savory and succulent Mausaka to Falafel, Souvlaki, and enticing Tzatziki, to luscious Loukoumades Athens is a foodie's home and I won't be wrong in saying Athens is the foodie's capital too.  

My favorites are here: 

A for Athens The name lives up to the name of this restaurant. Breathtaking panoramic views of astonishing Acropolish to magical views of Monastiraki Square and the great food is worth coming to this restaurant. Had one of the best drinks for a sober like me. Upscale Greek cuisine with a modern touch and twist makes it one of my favorites. Breaded Eggplant rolls, Lamp Giro, Cod with vegetables, and Lemon Sauce and you shouldn't leave without trying open apple pie and berries cake. Mileage of great ambiance, great food, and great service under one roof. 

Veganaki I am not a vegan, but I have a thing for vegan food. This restaurant is a gem if you are vegan or vegetarian. Love how creative spin is incorporated into vegan food. Being a vegan or vegetarian you miss traditional Greece Souvlaki, try it out here and try all the Greece dishes. Their pesto pizza is a must-try. If you have a sweet tooth, but are conscious of what you eat especially dessert try Tiramisu. 

Moma Athens Without breaking arms and legs you can have great food in a great atmosphere and Mama Athens is the perfect example. It is located between Hadrian Library and the Temple of Hephaestus. We had a perfect breakfast. Great portion, modern, clean, and vegetarian-friendly. 

Ciel Bar is arguably one of the best views of Athens from the rooftop and is lively. The friendly staff and food are decent. Loved the mushroom risotto. An Ideal place for brunch or dinner. 

Da Vinci Italian Gelato  Choices of icecreams and Gelatos is an address for dessert lovers. Choices from premium, classic, and seasonal to chocolate, Italian, green American, and zero sugar and ample varieties available. 

Acropolis Museum Cafe and Restaurant Most importantly it is convenient as it is inside the museum. After exploring a large museum one loves to have something to eat and relax with a drink and if it's with the close-up view of the Acropolis, it is cherry on top. 

Attica Bakery ...Visiting Athens and not trying some sinfully succulent dessert is unacceptable. And Attika Bakery is a one-stop shop for all your sweet needs. Kataifi to Galaktoboureko to Baklava you just name it and also at a very reasonable price. Located just across from the Church of Panagia Kapnikarea.