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Santorini travel guide



Months back while thinking about Santorini at my home in Connecticut on one of those solitary winter nights, I'd already reached there in spirit. I was wondering whether the glee of visiting Santorini will truly be intact when I land there for real. After seeing so many pics and videos influx on social media, could it live up to the image I'd imagined? 

The day approached and Santorini unfolded. Despite being bustling, is soulful and energetic with mileage of romance and wonders that captivate your senses once you reach there. It is heavily crowded despite enchanting and enigmatic and indeed above and beyond its hype.   

Nested 200 km southeast of Athens, Santorini's history takes you back to the 16th-century volcanic eruption that created this iconic and insanely beautiful place. In the backdrop of balmy Aegean seas encapsulating blue domes cliff side whitewashed Cycladic house in the caldera is pulchritudinous as from the postcard. 

When to Visit - The truth is Santorini is beautiful but busy and bustling with crowds. June - July - August is the peak season and very crowded.

Apri - May and September - October is the best time to visit because the crowd is less. It might limit visiting the beaches as it is a bit cold. 

How to get here - From Athens, you can take a flight. It takes only 50 minutes. From Mykonos or Athens you can take a ferry too.

Things to do


Lost in the streets of Oia - Allure of architecture and stunning views of the Aegean sea, vibrant vistas, every move you make every sight you see narrow cobblestone streets execute charm and romance. Strolling down from one end to the other in the narrow idyllic alleys is like living a dream. 


Witness the surreal sunset - It can be intimidating sharing the moment shoulder to shoulder with 1000 people but viewing the sun go down in Caldera is an experience of a lifetime. Known for sunset no other can offer, as the golden hours descend sun strokes the most beautiful painting on the backdrops of the edge of the caldera. Make sure you come an hour early as it tends to get crowded otherwise, you will miss a 


Visit Fira - The beautiful and lively capital of Santorini with breathtaking views located on the west side of the island. Caldera with vivid vistas of whitewashed houses on the captivating cliff intrigues any visitors. A place with some great restaurants /taverns and shops for handwoven goodies. 

Visit Meglachori - Located a few miles away south of Fira. Little away from the caldera, a nice way to spend a day or half in a unique setting and shop in the local setup. This picturesque village also dates back to the 16's engulfed with century-old churches and you will spot some beautiful and unique doors and traditional taverns here. 

Imerovigli - This cliff-side stunning town with a breathtaking view of the caldera is filled with whitewashed Cycladic architecture and a bonafide blue dome church nested at the highest point of the caldera cliffs, about 300 meters above sea level makes it stunning. 

Church of Panagia Platsani - Nested in the heart of Oia and the main square of iconic Greece, this place is lively and bustling with a small square in front. This traditional Greek Orthodox church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It features white walls, a blue dome and six bells at the left, and an entry portrayal of gold mosaic work. It was destroyed in the 1956 earthquake and rebuilt. This is a perfect spot for photos and wandering around. 


  1. I have been to Crete and Athens but never made it to Santorini. Your pictures are stunning! I will have to put these tips on my list when I make it back to Greece :)

  2. You look beautiful. I will surely add these tips when i will plan my visit to this exotic place.

  3. Santorini is sooo beautiful. Great post and pictures.


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