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Visiting Lobster Trap Tree in Stonington, CT

First of all, wishing you all a very Happy New Year! Staying more than 20 years in Connecticut, my home, every season we psyched up to visit or unfold something new. Today the 1st day of 2023  we visited the Lobster tree trap in the shoreline town of Stonington. An amazing and awe-inspiring 35 feet tall tree with more than 420 buoys and lobster traps honoring fishing culture painted by 40 Stonington children and 100 plus other awesome artists. 

It was a wonderful visit and discovering all the handpainted buoys each were unique. There are 15 such trees in New England. Visiting this Lobster trap tree not just give a great photo opportunity but to appreciate all the artist who created the buoys and pay homage to all the people associated with fishing culture. 

The Stonington Lobster Trap Tree is funded by the Ocean Community Chamber of Commerce, a non-profit organization. If you want to get involved there is an opportunity to donate. To make a donation that is 100% tax deductible as a charitable contribution, donate to the Ocean Community Chamber Foundation and your money will be used to support the artist's workshops with local children. Funds will cover the buoys, paints, brushes, rope, and clear coating.

Here are a few of the Stonington Lobster Trap Tree Stats:

Total height of the Tree: 35 ft.

Lobster Traps: 420

Buoys: 420

Lights: 1010

Zip Ties: 3200

Professional CT Artists: 61

Professional RI Artists: 41

Stonington Children Artists: 40