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Bihu outfit and celebrating after losing loved ones

When you lose someone as close as your dad, even the festive season feels incomplete. After my Dad passed away in 2020, it took us time to start celebrating the festivities. However, life goes on even with the absolute truth that you continue to miss someone while celebrating. This is the festive season in Assam and here in my home in New England, we continue the tradition of celebrating Magh Bihu. As busy as teenagers' parents, activities entirely occupied us this weekend no exception. We could not attend any of the functions the Assamese community celebrated. However, we celebrated at home by preparing some festive dishes and sharing them with family precious. And of course, no festivity is complete without wearing a mekhela chadar. This pair, I got it a couple of years back with a sustainable brand called Natural by Anuradha. A burgundy silk mekhela chadar with Eri silk motifs on it. A casual stay-home kind of look with minimal make-up except for red lips and loosely tied hair bun. Hope you all like this look. And how do you like the few Assamese traditional elements in the photos? 





  1. Motifs on your mekhela chadar is wonderful 💕. Happy Magh Bihu


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