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Something new Something old Indian festive outfit 1


     New England has been wonderful these days weather-wise. I love how sultry summer beautifully falls into fall leaves, flavors, boots, and layers. Lots in my mind, at the same time India celebrates a glorious festive season thousands of miles away and I feel the festive vibes here. Buying balloons with my Dad, jiggles of colorful bangles in the stores, and how our small town decked up are now a distant memory.  Celebrating festivity in India has its own charm, be it food, the hustle, and bustle or the transitions of nature.

Nevertheless, I love to dress up for Indian festivities. As you might know by now, how I cherish old and classic pieces. There is so much potential to dress them up in many ways and never fades with time. I am always attracted to pieces that have a vintage appeal. I love this old pair of back Mekhela chadar. Even though black is usually not considered a quintessential festive color, but no harm in wearing black on festive days, it's such a flattering color for every body type and every skin tone. Easy to dress up too. I added a vintage long gold necklace, usually in any Indian bridal trousseau this kind of necklace is very common. If you don't have a gold necklace any necklace will work. I can't think of anything but red for my lips, my eyes are almost makeup free except for a few strokes of mascara and added red roses for a pop of color. I tied a low bun and let my curtain bang highlight.   You can add red or black bindi, but I decided not and give a contemporary touch to this classic look. Hope you like this look. Enjoy the fall and festive seasons!


  1. How lovely 😍 The gold necklace reminds me of the gold leaves that are falling this time of year.


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