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Where to eat in Quebec City (Including Vegan and Vegetarian)

Quebec City is the foodies' ultimate destination. Assimilation of French and Canadian culture makes it even more interesting and alluring. First of all, choices are huge and it makes it difficult, what to pick. Exploring food while traveling always gives a thorough understanding of the culture of the place. 

  1. Don Vegan - Seated in the old Quebec this completely vegan restaurant's location is everything to soak into Quebec City. I am not exactly a vegan, but I love to eat vegan. A trendy and tantalizingly tasty take on vegan food. The eclectic menu gives you plenty of choices to choose food whether you like Mexican, Italian or Asian. Deliberately and innovatively presented entries are unique and dainty. We got to try their decadent desserts. A chocolate cake is a must-try. Great service, a little pricey but worth it. 

  2.  Le Casse-Crepe Breton - Located in the heart of Rue Saint-Jean, Qu├ębec Le Casse Crepe Breton was my favorite place to have a healthy fulfilling fortified breakfast. The choice of healthy buckwheat flour or white flour is the best part of it. When it comes to crepes people often think of sweet crepes but here they serve succulent savory crepes as well. Here you can choose toppings like meat, chicken, or eggs and choose from 3 types of sauce. They do not just serve crepe, but other things too like french toast, etc. This place is ideal for breakfast or brunch. Since it's a popular place, it is pretty busy. If you want to avoid the crowd, come a little early. Great and attentive service and reasonable price. 

  3. Restaurant La Buche - Stone throw from possibly every tourist attraction in old Quebec. If you are looking for good authentic Quebec Cuisine this is your answer. Be it a brunch or breakfast or dinner you will enjoy warm unique decoration, cozy ambiance, and great service. If you are an avid omnivore you have great choices. Offers unique food such as smoked maple salmon, Pie soup, and Sheppard’s pie, you just name it. 

  4. Bistro L'Orygine - Chic, eclectic, and locally sourced, this new age healthy meets local goodness with a boho-chic ambiance is a few walks from Place de Royals. Offers a 5-course dinner with choices of vegetarian or meat and a delicately designed menu by the chef and emphasizes freshness and local ingredients. If you are vegan or vegetarian this is truly worth visiting. 

  5. Nina Pizza Napolitaine St-Roch - After exploring all the places your heart and tummy need something tasty, this scrumptious, wood-fired pizza is all you need. If you are vegan or vegetarian in the city of meat eaters, your taste will truly be taken care of. 


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