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Visting Montemerchy fall in Quebec and teamed it up Assamese jewelry with a contemporary outfit


If you follow my blog then you must have read my last two weeks' posts on "Quebec City...rekindles and reminisces romance with the past" and "Where to eat in Quebec City "During our last stay in Quebec City, we visited Montemerchy fall, which is just about 15 miles from Quebec City. 83 meters high with a picturesque landscape is a must-visit if you are visiting Quebec City. 

A beautiful walk with a few vantage points where you can see the fall close or from some you can see a panoramic view of the fall. If you don't want to you are still covered as they offer cable cars too. If you are an outdoor enthusiast you are covered they have a zip line and rock climbing too. For us, it was an easy walk and charmed by the beautiful view work out. 

For this easy breezy excursion, I chose a maxi dress and a jeans jacket and club this look with a piece of Assamese jewelry. More often than not Assamese pieces of jewelry are worn with a traditional dress. There was a time when wearing traditional Assamese jewelry in contemporary dress was almost elusive. But, nowadays thanks to creative individuals or designers who came up with such ideas that still keep up the traditional soul of the piece yet add a modern twist to it. You can easily team up such a piece of jewelry with an everyday outfit. It not just elevates the look but adds a different esthetic dimension to this look. This statement necklace consists of a large pendant which is called Hen in the Assamese language ( Kite bird). Like all Assamese jewelry this piece is also inspired by nature, a bird.