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The Rose Garden at Elizabeth Park, Connecticut

The alluring and entrailing architectural delight on both sides of the road of Asylum Avenue, West Hartford, on reaching Elizabeth Park you could feel a sense of serenity and peace within. Elizabeth Park's greenery and lots of unique and interesting variety of tree tapestry and ponds is a nature lover's or hiker's delight or someone like me who often in this time of the year visits when the blooms of the roses enumerate rhapsody of colors in the Rose Garden at Elizabeth Park.

                Meticulously and aesthetically put together rose arches, gazebos, and vivid variety and color of blooming roses can take your breath away at first sight. Widely known for wedding and engagement photoshoots, this park can be an ideal picnic spot. Home of 15,000 rose bushes and 800 varieties of roses in 2.5 acres of the park, it is the oldest municipal rose garden in the USA and the third-largest in the country opened in 1904 and was designed by Theodore Wirth.
Admission is free
Park is open for visitors from Dawn till Dusk
Stroller friendly
Mask is mandatory
You can visit any time of the year but the ideal will be the end of June to mid-July to witness the magic of bloom


  1. As lovely as the roses that surround you 👌

  2. I had to do a double-take as we have a rose garden in Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver, BC. In fact, I got married there. Love your writing style.

    1. :Please do. How lovely and romantic. Thank you !

  3. The rose is my favorite/birth flower. I must visit here one day.

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