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Lavender pond farm, Killingworth Connecticut

In the havoc of Covid19, most of us are almost losing our sanity. But, going outdoors with proper precautions and spending some time amid nature can unwind and uplift the mood a little bit. A few weeks back I was mesmerized in Rose Garden.

Behold...about 30 miles south from Hartford, the capital of Connecticut enfolds a little slice of a dream called  Lavender pond farm in  Killingworth, CT.  Well bedded demure scented delicate colored thousands of lavender flowers bring smiles to anyone's face and enlighten the mind to melt away your stress level.

In a white gazebo in the center, to gaze the lavender or to capture photo moments, benches to sit, colorful beehives smitten by the beauty of flowers are just not the only facts to makes you fall in love with this place. But an exotic pond with water Lilly pods and a little covered bridge, a scenic walk to unfold the serenity of the lush green surroundings in this charming place. A little white train with a ride is also available yet easy to walk with the little one around. A little quaint gift shop with tons of small goodies to bring home memories as well. Life-size chess, picnic spots, friendly staff, is a wonderful time to spend a couple of hours or a day with family or friends.  An inspiring story behind the owner who gives back this wonderful world something wonderful is a must-visit when you are in this area. 


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