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Zoonskaya , Sivasagar Assam review

I heard the buzz and rave reviews of Zoonskaya from my family and friends in Sivasagar When we visited Sivasagar in our recent Assam trip I wanted to visit Zoonskaya. Sadly the night was already occupied as they are supposed to have a wedding party and I had no choice but to visit for lunch. A few miles from the hustle of the city, Zonnskaya is nested in a most gorgeous natural setting encompass with pond, trees, fields and emerged into modern esthetics.

        I thank my stars for coming for lunch as I was awed by the beautiful vistas in the daylight. Stunning chandelier open airy space with fireplace feels like one gorgeous restaurant, but if you step outside which eventually you will the wonder awaits for you, a beautiful pond with green mountains on the horizon, a Carribean resort-like experience in Assamese esthetics.  I was amused by the morals on the walls and cherry on top the tress of mango to jackfruit fertile with fruits.
Here you go the food, as it was a humid summer day we started our day with a virgin mojito. Apart from Indian, Zoonskaya's menu has extensive continental, Italian to Chinese but we stuck with Indian menu.   

For the appetizer, we had Zoonskaya assorted kabab and fish fingers for the kids. Love the Crspiness of the Jhinga or Shrimp kabab, it was crispy on the out and moist and soft inside. Tandoori chicken was succulent and love the taste of the marination how it gelled with meat full of flavor. Wish I could say something about the hariyali or green kabab, I felt it needed to cook a bit more as the rawness of the meat was still present. Kids enjoyed the fish fingers as it disappeared like magic in a few minutes.

Here we come to the mains, we had Assamese chicken curry it was light curry with fewer spices goes great with plain rice. Great for one who avoids spices opt for a simple curry. Here I wish a bit of culinary innovation presenting Assamese everyday curry in the restaurant.

     Then we have mix vegetable pulao, even though I forget to take the pic, it was grainy lightly sauteed buttered rice with fresh veggies. And we had chicken tikka masala, the iconic India entry with thick tomato base sauce and oven-baked chicken. The whipped gravy can be coupled with any rice or bread. And we had Khalsa (stuffed layer roti) that was certainly a perfect combination with chicken tikka.

       We ended the day with a very sweet note, a caramel custard a glassy custard drenched in chocolate, even though I always claim I avoid sugar, this time after one bite I could not resist the enriching taste. A must-have if you visit.
Overall, it was a wonderful experience with eating in the harmony of nature. I do expect a bit more when it comes to food, more innovation, and more culinary craftsmanship. A little pricy but clean space with wonderful service makes it one must-visit place to eat and enjoy nature at the same time.

Address: NH37, AT Rd, Bhatiapar, Assam 785667, India


  1. This place is so good and peaceful!

  2. Wow. The place looks marvellous. And your photography speaks the story of place even better


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