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Alfresco Grand Cruise Guwahati review

      The Great river the Brahmaputra has huge essence in Assam and for the people from Assam. It's not just a river but lifeline of Assamese people, inspiration, love and most importantly the main water resource.

      If you want to see and know a city you must visit the river, whether the Seine in French or the Hudson in Newyork. This time when I visited Guwahati my brother suggested taking the Alfresco Grand Cruise in Guwahati, I instantly agreed, and turned out to be the most amazing river cruise.


As I mentioned earlier, the Brahmaputra has a huge significance in an Assamese life and so does in my life. I have seen the Brahmaputra since my birth, sometimes as flooded and the most destructive and sometimes as serene and placid. I have taken a few ferry rides as well but never a cruise.

      We book the cruise a few hours back and got the earliest cruise. Few minutes before the sun was about to set, our cruise started. We chose the middle deck as we had children with us. The live performance started with some popular Bollywood numbers.  We saw at a little distance some statue and when the ferry started to sail we got a good glimpse of the statue. Lights were lit and glittering Guwahati in the distance. The server came to take the order and here you have ordered the extra food which is not expensive for the cruise like this pretty affordable snacks. We had paneer pakora and chili paneer. I surely suggest paneer pakora as it was decadent and good for the kids, if they don't have to allergy. Other options available are veg pakora and chicken pakora. The bar had a beer and a few options of juices.

      We are lucky enough to have pleasant weather and came out to the deck and gazed at the sweeping views of the enchanting Guwahati- homes, hills, temples, ferries crossing by and lush greenery in the distance.  Here I needed at least a bit of description of history and culture whether as a template or as audio. If someone is new to the city, have to make guesses that the actual things we are seeing.
I love the distance view of Kamakhya and other temples and a vast view of the mighty Brahmaputra. A must take if you are visiting Guwahati. A surely romantic way of seeing the city is a clean and beautiful deck, Love the sitting arrangement as well. Get a glimpse of the city souk the serene beauty of breathtaking Brahmaputra. Don't miss the sunset how the sun melts in the mighty Brahmaputra. Surreal.
         Alfresco Grand offers corporate parties, any other parties most importantly dinner cruise with Bihu performance. The next trip would be a dinner cruise for me in Bespoke Brahmaputra.


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