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A few simple tips for easy traveling

      A few simple tips and planning ahead can always make traveling easier. You can enjoy your traveling with more ease and hustle free. Here you go and how. Also check this one for the kids

1. Comfortable shoes - First and foremost good shoes can change the entire traveling game.  When it comes to traveling, I always choose a kind of shoes that are easy to wear and easy to remove. We all know the airport security procedures, if the shoes are not comfortable, it will take more time and could not only be annoying for you but for others as well.
2. A right bag - A good sized bag that can hold a few things and a bag with a zipper, so it can be closed entirely otherwise there are chances that you might lose a few things while getting it on and off the airplane cabin.
3. Packing early -  Starting to pack early can not only save the headache of forgetting stuff but also help with remembering things you might not remember at the last minute.
4. Pack according to the weather of the destination - It 's important to pack according to the season but it is also important to check the weather at the destination. I remember in peak summer in San Francisco, I was shivering and regretting not to have packed weather appropriate clothes.
5. A multi-country charger adapter - Not one charger can work in every country. Important to carry a multi-country charger.
6. Easy on accessories - Avoid large jewelry pieces, it might tangle or break.
7. Always hydrate - Don't forget to drink a lot of water in the flight, it will prevent you from dehydrating.


  1. Amazing advice!!! Couldn't agree more

  2. Great and important tips to make traveling easy! Have to admit, I'm the one who packs like couple hours before leaving. :D

  3. These are great! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great tips. I am the kind of person who always wear the wrong shoes.



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