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Top 5 things to do in Madrid

Every city in the world has its own tale. When we visited Barcelona on our Spain trip, loved its cosmopolitan and multicultural vibe, loved its gothic and contemporary Sagrada Familia and got mesmerized by Park Guell and got lost in the museum the Picasso. When we entered in Madrid, a whole new tale different from Barcelona awaited us. Bespoke yet dynamic, huge cultural heritage, flavorful food, art, street life, and shopping are some aspects of Madrid and a whole new way of rediscovering Spain.

Plaza Mayor:  Grandeur and pompous, nested in the heart of the city, Plaza Mayor is the most worth visiting the iconic landmark. Hustle and bustle this ancient market place is surrounded by full of artist, shops, and cafes. Taking a stroll and enjoying a cup of coffee or tea gives you a good insight into the lively Spanish culture. It could feel like you are in a time machine or enjoy your people watch..

Parque del Retiro: When we entered the park Retiro, it felt like the gentle breeze of air, while the city is busy and bustle. Here people are walking, jogging and doing yoga at their own pace. Paddle in the lake, visit the picturesque garden with numerous trees, sculptures, and pretty fountains and take an Instagram worthy photo in the glass castle or bask in the Sun. Nothing is less than awesome and easy breezy.

The Prado Museum: A Madrid trip can't complete without paying a visit to Prado, not just a visit but get marveled by some great artist and their surreal muse. Exhibits include  Francisco Goya to  Hieronymus Bosch, El Greco, Peter Paul Rubens, Titian, and Diego Velázquez. The museum has a collection of  Art from different era and times and is considered Spain's main national art museum.

Puerta Del Sol:  The hustle and bustle and full of life this cool square offers shopping for every budget. Here you can also taste the local cuisine and enjoy the performance of local artists and get a sneak peek of the Spanish cultural dose.

Royal Palace of Madrid: This elegant and magnificent architecture is the official home of the Spanish Royal family since 1561. The impressive architecture attracts so many tourists every year.


  1. Beautiful post! Your pictures are stunning I would love to go to Madrid and this makes me want to go even more!!

  2. Great post! I would love to go to Madrid one day - very informative! :)

  3. Such beautiful buildings. This was very informative.

  4. Very nice article. Nice pics. Reminded me of my trip to Madrid last year.

  5. Madrid looks beautiful. I have yet to visit but we are planning a European vacation when the kids get a little older.


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