How to amp up your Diwali fashion

      The countdown has just begun and you are half a week away from the most celebrated festival of lights, the Diwali in India and the world. Along with cherishing and celebrating time with family, Diwali reminds me of the beautiful months of October and November, the stores filled with colorful accessories which you don't spot any other time of the year, especially jingles of the colorful bangles.

Let the accessories do the talking - Jazz up your look with some colorful accessories, be it a colorful mojris or a pair of good heels. Even such simple dressing that will surely elevate your overall look. Wear some colorful bangles and your ethnic or Indian look will surely take the front row.

Color me up please - I can't think of festivity without some bright lips or smokey or well-played eye makeup. You can do one or both. Nothing is over the top when it comes to the festivity.  But if you are doing both then tone down the outfit. The balance is the key.

The sizzles of the six-yard called saree - If you don't wear saree quite often this is the time of the year you wrap yourself up with some festive spirit with a saree. Floral or plain, traditional or contemporary go for it. If think festivity fed you quite a lot, here is the rescue called saree. Quite forgiving when it comes to paw your love handles.

Statement - I am all about statement pieces. A boho chic tribal earring or jhumkas or a great pair of a chandelier or a choker, a classy cocktail ring surely perks the festive look. Chose the right piece that gels well with your look.

Bottoms up - whether you are wearing straight kurta or Anarkali let the bottom take center stage with a sharara, palazzo, skirt or cigar.


  1. I’m so fascinated with other cultures so I love your post! And your fashion looks beautiful! (Sorry I don’t know what it’s called). I’d love to visit India one day!

  2. I love the fashions they are beautiful and so are you! Thank you so much for sharing our culture!

  3. Love the earrings they're so cute

  4. I love learning about other cultures. I keeps me wanting to know more


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