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Why you should visit Vermont in Fall

Vermont has it all what you ask for a leisurely vacation, gorgeously greeting green mountains with its breathtaking views, covered bridges, enormous farms lands, barn houses and to make it even more magical is the perk up foliage, the green color transforming into orange, crimson and golden brown. If you haven't seen Vermont in the fall you certainly missing something.  There are several things to do in fall in Vermont. Here is mine.

A view...whether you want to hike or lazy walk or a take a long drive in the car when Vermont celebrates the color of fall please do and please your eyes with the most stunning views of the changing colors of nature.

Eat local and encourage farmers...  Vermont is all about beautiful farms and locally grown produce. Your fall trip can also be a trip to buy locally grown fruits and vegetables. A few minutes of stop buy in the local farm can get you fresh veggies and fruits. They are relatively less expensive and I don't need to stress about the goodness of buying and eating locally grown.

 Meet some farm animal... Our fall trip to Vermont won't complete until our kids get to meet some farm animals. This is a good idea to entertain your kids if they are getting bored of sitting in the car and is a great chance to mingle with animals like the popular Vermont cow, donkey or turtle.

Mums the world... I love to visit Vermont in the fall where all farms ready to feast the festivity with the beauty of flowers. Most farms in Vermont beautify with mums.

For your Sweet tooth, the quintessential part of Vermont is maple syrup. If you haven't tried maple syrup in Vermont you probably don't know the real taste of maple syrup.
During the fall Vermont felicitate with the favors and the flavors of fall fudge, latter or candies, and more.


  1. I've only taken a bus through Vermont, but I'm sure that fall is the best season to actually explore the state. Your pictures prove this perfectly.

  2. Beautiful photos. I would love to visit Vermont in the fall.

  3. Beautiful pictures. Autumn is my favorite season and it seems the only place to be in fall is Vermont.

  4. Wow!! Beautiful. I’m from Texas so we do get much pretty foliage. I do Want to visit there one day.

  5. I really want to do a road trip in the fall in this area because of all the gorgeous leaves. Up where I am in Edmonton, the leaves mostly just turn yellow because it's so cold, so all the oranges and reds look AMAZING!
    xx Victoria

  6. The tree leaves colors are amazing! The fact that this is fall, seems like a spring to me. It's beautiful there, I want to visit there too!


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