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Indian festival look #3

Indian festivity brings never-ending options and ways of dress up. The routes you want to take can be contemporary, classic, traditional or basics. This time I took the basic or classic route. When it comes to classic, gold, and red is the most quintessential color in Indian culture. Whether it is a wedding or festivity you will at least find one or two wearing red or gold or a combination, yet you can't deny it's timeless appeal. Here is my Indian festival look #3, a gold muga silk mekhela chadar and a red Assam silk blouse and rest of the look is simple basic gold neck piece, bangle and chain clutch. The look would be incomplete without red nails and red lips. Do let me know your take.

Indian festival look #1
Indian festival look #2


  1. Mekhela Chador go-to Indian attire in any formal get-together. Wearing saree is a chore to me. OTOH, Mekhela Chador is so easy to carry off. You're looking very pretty.

  2. October-November season is the months of festivals in India. Many important celebrations like the Durga Puja, Deepavali etc. come during this period of the year. Festivals in India are filled with joy and colors. Your costumes completely resembles a Desi woman in traditional sari and jewellery.We got a glimpse of Indian festival outfits from this post. We expect more posts describing the festive celebrations will be updated very soon.

  3. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your customs!


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