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Meghali Das

"Fashion Changes, But Style Endures"

     Avon Diamond Executive President, India, Meghali Das is from Assam, India. No need for any elaborate introduction, she is the Secretary of North East Fashion Council (FNDC), India and is known for her great aesthetics for handloom and handicraft. Her subtle yet elegant style is impactful and inspiring. Presenting her and her style...

1. What is your style?
     Meghali Das: I do not follow fashion. My comfort is my style and I always go for what suits me than following a trend.

2. Your top three favorite looks?
     Meghali Das: 

  • Totally ethnic, be it mekhela chador or saree with matching Avon jewelry. I love my handbags and a very good collection. 
  • Love to wear skirts with knee high boots in winter depends on where I am going, weather, climate, and occasion.
  • Blue denim and white shirt.

3. Eye makeup or Lipstick or both?
     Mehali Das: Depending on occasion both at times, but surely eyes at all times. Like to keep it subtle during the day.

4. Your favorite weaves or embroidery techniques you like?
     Meghali Das: Traditional wear from the northeast, from all the eight states. Love to wear from Gale, Puwans and Jansems and all indigenous tribes of all states. I love handloom.

5. Your ideal day wear and ideal evening wear?
     Meghali Das: Depends...for work I prefer formal or else casual. The night is soft n comfy. 

6. What do you like to wear for a wedding?
     Meghali Das: The complete look with makeup, jewelry, hair, bag n shoes, including flowers in my hair. 

7. Three accessories always in your collection….
     Meghali Das:

  • Watch - If I wear a stylish watch then I do not wear a bracelet.
  • Scarf - Scarves are nice to add color especially on a plain top.
  • Jewelry - If the neck piece is big then I wear tiny tops. If I wear danglers then no necklace. If I wear a cocktail ring then no other rings or bracelets.

8. Any indigenous Diva Tip?
     Meghali Das: Do not just follow any trend. Make a trend and let people follow it.


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