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Indigenous diva

Indigenous diva is someone who has a style of her own. She explores awesome Assam silk, the magic of mairang phee, delights in dabu prints, bespoke banarasi or baluchari, packs herself in patola or paithani, keen for Kanchipuram or Kalamkari,  finds lyrics in Lucknow chikan, lives up in leheriya with charm in chanderi. Let’s celebrate all those weaves and hand work embroidery around the globe.. And her....She emerges from yesterday's heritage and blends into today's modern and contemporary ways. It's all about women and her signature style. Let’s hear from those divas and connoisseur. #indigenousdiva


  1. What is your style?
  2. Your top three favorite looks?
  3. Eye makeup or Lipstick or both?
  4. Your favorite weaves or embroidery techniques you like?
  5. Your ideal day wear and ideal night wear?
  6. What do you like to wear for a wedding?
  7. Three accessories always in your collection….
  8. Any Indigenous Diva Tip?

Indigenous Diva Guests

P.S. Through this post we feature all the hand loom lovers in the world along with their unique swag. We would love to feature your love for hand loom. Please write to us at: Acupofassamtea.


  1. You have been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award!

  2. I love your outfits. They are so lovely. I would love to own a cultural outfit like that.


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