Saturday, July 22, 2017

A little bit of Sky (Thoda sa Aasman) - #OOTD

      I don't recall when exactly, but that time in the early 90s, there was one Indian TV drama series called Thoda sa Aasman"(A little bit of Sky). The series emphasized on women inner world, and her sensitivities. And the serial also portraited several different women from the various walks of life. Even when I was very young, the serial stayed with me, not sure because of the stories or because of the name of the series. I feel that life is always all about a little bit of earth and a little bit of sky. The earth keeps you grounded and real. On the other hand, sky adds color to your dreams and imagination.
       It's about six months now since I started my blog and three months now since I posted it public. It's an incredible feeling how you all responding to my blog. It feels amazing reading all your comments,  how you took time reading it and writing back to me, it means a lot.

       This week one of my friends left the USA, after all the good feelings, it again felt sad. Saying someone bye is not easy for me. When I left India and made the USA home, those friends became my family. Probably that is the reason saying goodbye to them was very hard; I felt sad the whole week.
However, life goes on. When I started my blog, I thought, I would post only ethnic or traditional Indian outfits. But, now I strongly feel that it will deny the western outfits that I wear on a regular basis. Last Sunday, I took these pictures of my outfit. I am posting a lovely pink dress from Zara. Pink or blush pink is trending everywhere this season. I like this soft shade of pink which has a very gentle and feminine appeal to it with dramatic sleeves. Ideal outfit for a summer day. I kept rest of the look very simple, a pom-pom earring and a jeweled sandal. Hope you like it. Happy weekend guys!


  1. Love the outfit, that color looks good on you.

  2. You look amazing! That dress looks so great on you & the colour suits you well :-)

  3. Lovely pink dress, the ruffles are cute

  4. Beautiful thoughts, beautiful you!

  5. Hi, i love your pink outfit. I wish I could wear it, maybe just the sandals.

  6. I like the way you shared your feeling and outfit suites you well.

  7. Hey there! You look very pretty in that outfit. Pink is my favourite color and its suits you well

  8. This is a very personal blog, I admire your courage in sharing your feelings


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