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A day and date with RJ Julia's bookseller

The month of December always transports me to my hometown to the delightful years of growing up holding my deuta's hand walking around in the book fairs and visiting different book stalls. The crisp scent of those books is still in my mind so fresh. Reviving and reliving those winter December days, we visited RJ Julia's Bookseller an independent bookstore.

Visiting an independent bookstore is an experience, one and unique. Set in the serene shoreline of Connecticut in the cute town of Madison RJ Julia's Bookseller is full of diverse books for both adults and kids for one and all people with varied interests. Serving more than 30 years, this two-story bookstore with delightful and helpful staff, one truly feels blessed to visit. Also, there is a cute and cozy cafe that serves yummy sandwiches, soup, and tasty desserts along with tea, coffee, and cold beverages. I had artichoke and spinach dip with tortilla chips and hubs had Paninis with mozzarella and pesto. Recently featured in the Netflix Holiday movie Noel'sdiary. It was a pleasant and pleasure to visit in the last days of the year to remember. A charming and quaint place to read, relax and reflect.