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Creating a classic holiday outfit with trend and twist

As much as I love holidays and dressing up, at the same time, it can be daunting to choose the right outfit. Whether to follow the trend or stay in the classic route. I would say, mix both and the result can be amazing. Mixing classic with the trend is always a good idea because you can use pieces from your closet that you already own. It can save both time and money. We love classic pieces but, there is no denying that sometimes they can be boring or lack interest, and here you can take help from the trends. 

Here is my outfit. I am wearing a black skirt, probably most of us own a long black skirt. Mine is with raffles, which are visually more interesting, and a crisp button-down white shirt with a statement sleeve. For a pop of color, I am wearing a red pump and a gold chain flap bag. Of course for this look, a bold red lip is a must but, you can always wear neutral make-up too. Hope you are having a great festive time with family and friends. I hope to bring you more such looks.


  1. Love this concept and pairing with red pumps!


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