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Watch Hill, Rhode island - unforgettable summer retreat

The Last few days of summer were hellishly hot in CT and when we escaped to Watch Hill, RI it was a serene and sublime retreat.  We left Watch hill but our hearts still stayed. Apart from being infamous for Tylor Swift's holiday home it also has the oldest Flying Horse Carousel continuously operating in the united states. And the cherry on top is the Ocean House Hotel which adorns Watch Hill with its iconic existence. Watch Hill is at the southernmost point of Rhode Island and is a hidden gem. Consisting of 629 acres with NewEnglands one of the most affluent neighborhoods is Rhode Island's one most well-kept secret. It's filled with boutiques, art galleries, cafes, and more with quintessential New England Charm.

Not utterly offbeat but there is some kind of uniqueness for sure.

If you want to just unwind, rejuvenate yourself, or want to escape from the monotony of life, or just enjoy the beach sand, and sun this idyllic summer town is a perfect place. 

What to do

 Napatree Point …this charming beach is not just a regular beach but with beautiful views is a bonus. If you are not a beach person or have a shortage of time just take a hike and you won’t be disappointed at all with what you see and feel. 

Watch hill Lighthouse... I always visit this lighthouse during sunset and am always awarded the most beautiful views of how the Sun melts with the sea. Walking through the surroundings of the lighthouse with the sea and the path it takes to the lighthouse with luxurious houses is an experience of its own especially when summer blooms with hydrangeas. 

Have a Moonlit Dinner in Ocean House... Whether you are staying in Ocean House or not but you must have dinner in one of the restaurants with the perks of the ocean view. 

Ocean House has a few restaurants but we decided on Dalia by Danton Valle. A modern Mexican restaurant that took us to our great food experience in Tulum. With a delectable delicious food and great service, I must mention our server Bryon from the land itself Mexico we had one wonderful experience with a moonlit dinner that was just perfect if you are visiting by yourself, as a couple or family. 


  1. Great post! My husband and I stayed at the Ocean House after our wedding and it was fantastic! We have been wanting to go back and we will have to check out your other suggestions on where to visit!

  2. RI is such a magical place in the summer!


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