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Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, MA

Happy 1st day of Spring. Spring is often a synonym of the flower. On the 1st day of Spring, we visited Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston Massachusetts. This is not just a regular museum but the mileage of garden, opulent art, and splendid architecture. Sharing some photos. 

Opened for the public in 1903 founded by Socialite, philanthropist Isabella Gardner in this Venetian-inspired palace art facts are from her traveling.  

Isabella Stewart was born in New York City to a wealthy family in 1840. She got married to John Lowell Gardner from Boston in 1860, also from a very wealthy family. Unfortunately, she lost her son when he was 2 years old due to pneumonia. This tragedy propels her into depression. On the advice of her doctor, she took up world travel and started collecting art pieces from all over the world. These arts and collectibles, she later put up in the museum, she built herself to fulfill what she and her husband has dreamt to build together.

Visiting Isabella Stewert Gardner's museum was an experience of its own it's a sheer pleasure to visit such uniqueness in a museum. There are impressive artifacts, tapestry, furniture, collectibles, and many more. 

A few Facts

 How much time do need to visit- I would say a minimum of 2hours. 

Fees Adult-20 dollars

Kids -under 18 free

Senior Citizen -Free

College Students with current ID 10 Dollars

All name Isabella receive a lifetime of free entry

Every room has a bar code that you can scan with your phone and listen to the history and information about the rooms

A theft occurred in the museum in 1990, wherein 13 artworks were stolen. The case is still open with the FBI. You can find a large empty frame in one of the rooms, where one of the stolen paintings was displayed.