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Newyork Fashion Week diary and Sanjukta Dutta's "Alphool"


With Sanjukta Dutta

  Attending one of the Big 4 fashion weeks (New York, London, Milan, Paris) is on every fashion blogger's or fashion affectionado's bucket list. Check-in into the prestigious NYFW in Global Fashion Collective Fall/Winter 2022 was an experience of a lifetime. This year, Global Fashion Collective in NYFW F/W 2022 featured three designers - Luis Corrales, Sanjukta Dutta, and Young-Eun Lee. Here, I am psyched up covering my birth state and India's ardent designer, Sanjukta Dutta. Seen in celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Mary Kom, and Britain's Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton to masses in Assam, who have brought Mekhela Chadar from the sublime land of Assam to the Global Frontiers. Witnessing her immaculate and artful collection Alphool in NYFW F/W 2022 was my moment of pride and pleasure. 

Sanjukta Dutta

Assam Silk, Sanjukta Dutta, NYFW

Global Fashion Collective, NYFW

Engineer turned fashion designer Sanjukta's designs always speak volumes of creativity and indigenousness. Using a splash of vivid colors and patterns, always in harmony, sets her apart from other designers. 

 The heritage revivalist designer Sanjukta Dutta's Alphool in NYFW F/W 2022 unveiled predominantly the color blue and different shades of blue with a hint of green and red. Affluent Assam Silk warped, and weft is used as the principal fabric of this collection. Indigenous motifs of Assam, like Trees, Birds (Peacock), Kinkhap, Flowers(Hibiscus), Budha, Tajmahal, Geometric patterns, and small Dots, give one-of-a-kind facets. Alphool is embodied with statement sleeves, large collars with bibs, chunky embellishments, and crochet details. 

Whereas, on one hand, there are long feminine pleats and panels, on the other hand, edgy asymmetrical cuts, quirky long pencil skirts along with silk hooded blouses, jogger's pants keeping up with the trend athleisure. Whereas fabrics and motifs give a glimpse of Assam (the Designer's native state) with Indian classical antiquity, at the same time, the cuts, silhouettes, and sleeves define modern and global sensibility. A sling bag and handmade collard necklace entice her collection, too. 

Kudos to Sanjukta Dutta for a rebellious attempt to unfold the show with Mekhela Chadar (Traditional Assamese attire) followed by pants, capes, vests, voluminous skirts, silk jogger pants, paneled skirts, and hooded tunics. In the chill of February Brooklyn in NYFW F/W 2022, Sanjukta's delightful collection not only brought beautiful aesthetic warmth but also stood irresistibly tall in its own right. Just like her journey from Assam to NYC Fashion Week, her collection is just like the American dream, amiable and achievable. 

What I wore 

Mekhela Sadar, NYFW

Mekhela Sadar, NYFW

Mekhela Sadar, NYFW

As in NYFW F/W 2020, I was covering Sanjukta Dutta, and I decided to wear her signature Blue Assam Silk mekhela chadar with Assamese alphabets and both gold and silver threads. I wore it with a belt and long statement earrings. My hair is natural and open, and for makeup, I have brown smoky eyes and bold red lips. Since I was going to the fashion week and backstage, I chose to wear a flat and, considering NYC's winter, a black wool coat and a Burberry bag.


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