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Three things to do fall in Guildford CT

The favorite month of the year, October is here and there are many things to be psyched up about. 

In the southern part of Connecticut, Guilford is engulfed in green this coastal town is not just about historic homes but it offers many things.  Well connected with train lines, if you live in NYC, definitely a day trip is worth visiting this fall.

Here are my 3 favorite things this fall:

Visit the Strawberry Hallow Farm -  Just like out of the great Halloween movie scene, this quaint little farm is brimming with rustic beauty. You can't imagine 50 years back it was just barren land. With painstaking planning, the owner turned this place into a favorite spot for many. I especially loved visiting the ground with barn, Halloween decor, and a cute little wagon for the kids to carry pumpkin. And adding the well to the ground adds old-world charm. Varied pumpkins, squashes, and little crafts and decor. If not anything, do visit this farm for photos.

Visit Bishop orchard for pumpkin carving or sweet tooth.

Compared to Strawberry hollow farm Bishop's orchard is a little bustling. Either go for pick your own fruit or pumpkin carving, a wonderful spot indeed. Do taste the ice cream, they have a variety of flavors. 

Do your nature fix in Chaffinch Island State Park.

Little hidden gem. I can't believe how I love this pristine island overlooking the marina and the most beautiful sky melting with the sea almost living like a painting. You can picnic here and enjoy the gorgeous sunset. 


  1. Guilford sounds like a wonderful fall destination! That ice cream looks delicious, and I love a good pumpkin patch!


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