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A few favorite do list in New Haven, Connecticut

Whereas, I am a little down and sad with the fact that I am not able to visit my family in India this summer, at the same time staying home and within state always discovering and rediscovering the old and new places my home state Connecticut has to offer. Every time pleasantly surprised with awe and countless unique discoveries. Frankly speaking, I don't do much planning and take it in a very relaxed way. This weekend my destination was New Haven. Full of charm, history, character, exuberance, home of Yale, you can enjoy New Heaven in numerous ways. Bustling and beautiful alleys, art galleries, museums, library, bookstores, unique shops, parks, and a plethora of delightful food New Haven serve every unique visitor claim. 

Stroll around the architectural digest of Yale  If you love the Gothic architecture charm of the bygone era, this America's 3rd oldest and prestigious  University campus, an alma mater of many glitterati is truly unique in every sense.   The dense greenery and acute, carefully curated, and attention to detail architecture transcend allure and opulent beauty. Something only seeing and believing. Like many things Covid19 has halted here also tours are not available yet. I assure you will not be disappointed strolling around and smitten by the enchantress 1700-1800 era architectural esthetics.  The incredible arches on the red brick buildings, gates, windows, everything is enchanting. 

Lighthouse Point Park A quaint 82-acre park on long island sound with the oldest and gorgeous lighthouse far and near is worth visit. A Picturesque Park for whether you like to stroll, love finding shells, set a picnic with family, enjoy the antique carousel, witness the sunset or maybe changing colors of the sky that nature stroke its brush, you have the option for all with ample parking spaces. 

Experience and eat at Quirky Indian restaurant Sherkaan No travel would complete before experiencing the food culture of the place. A surprise package just across the yale campus, mileage of quirky decore, and arrey of Indian food will surely satisfy your taste bud. I enjoyed eating chole Bhatura, Frankies roll, Massala Dosa, and garlic nan and there are many more left to try. Whether you want to enjoy inside with unique esthetics or outside with the yale's youthful energy. 

Take a break, New Haven Greens Traces back of the roots in 1638. Visit this park to provide solace in the city with three significant churches of history and embracing 5 illustrious streets in New Haven. 

Immerse yourself in the green of  East Rock Park  Amidst glossy and lush greenery with the side of the rocky mountain, a little river walk,  you will fall in love with this Park. Whether you are an avid hiker or love leisurely walks you can enter this park in two different ways. One you can find a covered bridge a  water dam, dirt roads along getting into the summit, or other with 425-acre park winding trails and wildflowers. Witness the panoramic view of the city and glimpse of the long island sound. 

A single post can't cover a whimsical city like New Haven. With Covid19 restrictions, it is difficult to visit museums and some of my bucket list iconic eating places. With a promise of coming back with another post in another season. 


  1. Thanks for sharing this little tour of New Haven. It's been ages since I've been down that way, and your photos of Yale brought back a bunch of memories!

  2. I love the architecture! It is so gorgeous! I need to visit one day.

  3. Wow, gorgeous! And the food looks amazing 😋


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