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Dressing up with Indian accessories


           Hope you all are doing great. It has been a little longer than I usually post. In New England, winter is long and you feel like sitting beside the fireplace and sip your favorite tea or snuggle in a blanket. Even though I enjoy doing things like that, doing something for a prolonged time can be boring and monotonous at times. I always love to dress up but in the winter, I always find an excuse not to dress up. February is a month of celebration for my family. It's my son's birthday, my birthday, and of course valentine's day. 

Well, the other day I dragged myself out of the monotonous zone, dressed up, and felt better. Sometimes a little bit of effort and a little push to ourselves can always help us feel better inside out. So, here comes the outfit with a still grey long maxi dress and I accessorized it with Indian antique silver jewelry. The dress is loosely fitted and gives a casual vibe yet adding accessories gives the vibe of going out. The rest of the look (Similar) is simple natural down hair, little brown kohl in my eyes, and a peachy red lipstick just to enhance the neutral look a bit. Hope you like it.    


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