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Connecticut Gem - Seville Dam a photo walk

 Happy New year everyone. A brand new year with new hopes and new planning and whatnot. This year I decided to take it a bit slow and steady, not going overboard on anything. 

Taking it slow, does not always mean not doing anything but doing something at your own pace. Also, in New England, winter has just begun and we are limited to doing much because of Covid19. 

Keeping myself or the kids inside all the time is not a good idea, so we decided to go for a short outing. Then, Saville Dam came to mind. Nested in the quaint countryside of New Hartford, Saville Dam at Berkhamsted reservoir was built-in 1940.

I had been to Saville Dam many times and experienced all the seasons except winter. Every season offers its unique beauty. Spring and summer with crisp blue sky, sparkling water, emerald green mountain backdrops, while autumn with a vibrant color splash on the sweeping view of the mountains. 

But, visiting Saville Dam in winter is a solitary experience. Even though the mountains are barren in winter, accentuated in Christmas wreaths on the dam doors, instantly provides a holiday feel. The best part is visiting during this time you can escape from the crowd and enjoy the solitary moment. Strolling around, you would feel the serenity of this place. Make it a blissful bask or create wonderful memories by clicking some cherished pictures. Make sure you visit both sides as it offers two totally different viwes.


  1. Amazing pictures, it looks very beautiful there.

  2. I live not too far from there -- I definitely want to check this out now, because this looks gorgeous!


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