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Grist Mill, Weston , Vermont beyond postcard from the past

 I am sure if you follow my blog, by now you know how much I love to visit offbeat places, and when it comes to offbeat places, Vermont immediately comes to my mind. No matter how many times I visited yet to wanderlust. I must tell you visiting Vermont in the fall has its charm. As the little rustic towns accentuate with fall aesthetics and beauty, not just for your eyes as well as for your soul. I often wonder and find it intrigued how these places keep their beauty and tranquility so virgin and undulated in the time of advancement of science and technology where the rest of the world is on the go.  Here I was in a little piece of heaven called Weston. A little town not so little when it comes to its charm and beauty.

This lovely little place that adds aura and allure is called Grist Mill built-in 1780 originally built as a lumber mill. Engulfed in the bank of West River the mill is a sight to behold with the serene surrounding and tranquility of trees waterfall and a tiny little creek. If you love to take photographs or just spend some quaint time in the serenity and relax or wander around with the history of early American technology this is the best place for you. 


  1. Looks like a beautiful, love your outfit 💕

  2. Wow charming houses and peaceful countryside, just
    the trip to recharge your batteries..


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