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An Assamese style mango chutney

Mangoes in Indian summer is ubiquitous. Mango is not a fruit but mermaid of memories and emotions. An avid enthusiast farmer my grandfather planted numerous trees in our huge backyard at home in Assam and every season bestowed upon its best fruits or vegetables. We had different varieties of mangoes in our yard. 

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However, unlike other states of India we don't have a high quality of mangoes yet sufficient enough local mango varieties to satisfy our taste buds. Different shapes, sizes, and colors of mangoes appeal both to my eyes and my heart. 

In early summer or late spring, the wind takes out small tender mangoes and how we played with those mangoes with my friends. It transports me home thinking about how my mom used to make raw chutney just with fragmented freshly pluck mint and green chili with a hint of salt, grind them together and hearty chutney was ready in a jiffy. In the sultry summer in Assam when somebody visits you, always offer fresh cut fruit from the kitchen garden.

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I hardly remember seeing store-bought jam and jelly in our kitchen cabinets or fridge. My mom always made it at home from seasonally available fruits whether mangoes to pineapples to guavas to mix fruits you name it.  And the nostalgia of those sun souk glass bottles filled with spicy mango pickles every year  I receive my fair share of a mango pickle bottle bringing to my American home all the way from my mom's kitchen in Assam. 

Just the other day I got some mangoes not from my yard but the store and thought to make a very easy chutney which my mom used to make every summer. It goes well with bread or roti or as a side with rice.

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Here is the recipe:
  1. Two medium-size ripe mangoes ( peeled or cut into small pieces) 
  2. 4 tablespoon Jaggery or Sugar
  3. 1 tablespoon oil
  4. 1 dry red chili
  5. A pinch of black cumin seeds, if not available you can use plain cumin seeds
  6. A hint of salt for the taste (You can omit if you want but for this kind of recipe salt always enhance the taste).
  7. A pinch of turmeric

Flame the gas on medium and put a pan. Once it is hot add 1 tablespoon oil, once it gets hot add the black cumin seeds and red chilies. Once it starts to crackle add the turmeric and salt. Then add the cut mangoes and stir it for 2/3 minutes. Once it starts to melt, add the jaggery or sugar. I used jaggery as it's very good for digestion and is less processed than regular sugar and also gives a very rustic touch. Cook it for 5 minutes, and your flavorful mango chutney is ready to serve. 

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  1. love this! need to try it out!

  2. Wow I didn't know I could make chutney just like that! Thanks for sharing ❤️💚💙

  3. Wow I had no idea I could make chutney just like that! Thanks for sharing...❤️💚

  4. wow, amazing article. I tried sometime and found something is missing. this time i would try this recipe.


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