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COVID19 ; Stay safe,Stay well

About after two months of losing the dearest person of my life, Deuta(Dad), I try to stand up on my feet again, collecting bits and pieces, resuming life back to normalcy, at the same time the reality hit hard, not just for me but for the entire world by the pandemic called COVI19. In front of my eyes, the world has changed, what we never imagined in our wildest dream and what the generations had never seen happening, what was normal a few days back, became extinct from our lives. For our health's safety, we quarantined ourselves in our homes, kids' schools closed, online classes started, malls, cinema halls everything got closed. The bustling places turn into barren, and the places entitled by humans got emptied and became the new normal of our lives. The new normal brought uncertainty and tension in every nook and corner. Health hygiene became people's foremost priority rather than luxury travel or any other thing in life.
My life or days on my toes slowed down. Life gave me a break from running after kids from one activity to another after so many years. Sipping a cup of tea in leisurely.,the house looks cleaner and more organized. As the expert says, the virus can alive on the surface for several hours to several days, and now wiping out kitchen slabs or cabinets became my new hobby.
There are worries like economic meltdown, soon recession will be on our doorsteps, small businesses will be closed, minimum wage workers will lose their jobs, yet we want is to be alive and protect and save our kids from every possible exposer of the virus. Now with limited grocery items in the household, no fancy instaworthy meal has been prepared at our homes. We learned to live within the means.  My 11 years old already figured that out, as he is fine with having whatever is available.  We have stocked up essential, yet don't know how long it will continue or how long we will survive with it.
My whats up messenger is bombarded with messages. Experts keep pouring their opinions, photos. There is even competition, like media, on who can share the information first. A thousand messages hit our minds and phones. The heartfelt pictures from Italy, patients' coffin carrying trucks brought tears to my eyes, ah those heartfelt messages from the patients from the hospitals. The heart filled with gratitude for those medical professionals for their relentless efforts and risking their own lives for saving other people's life. Those online grocery carriers, mailman delivering things on time.
Amid this all, people started caring about each other, asking and wondering about each other's well being, as if after many years people took a pause from their fast-paced-busy lives and started to think beyond just their own well being. I choked up seeing several messages and calls from family members, my old college teachers, and old friends. Social distancing brought hearts closer. I am sure it will turn us into a  bit more compassionate, kind human being.
No denial that the tension is still with the number of deaths taking a toll. There is hope, heal and prayers for the coming tomorrow.