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Spice Venue, Hartford Review

      The weather has been tremendously cold and this restricts us from enjoying outdoor fun but brings friends and family close while eating out together or cookout together. Just a few days back, I and my family visited Spice Venue in Hartford. We didn't have many speculations on what to expect. However, from the last couple of years, the food scene in the Hartford area has changed. There are so many new restaurants and new shopping options available.

      The Spice Venue, Hartford with a sports bar is a blend of South and North Indian food and American food. Which is a little rare when it comes to Indian restaurant. As I mentioned earlier, we didn't have any preconceived notions about Spice Venue. When we entered with kids it was a bit awkward with a Sports bar and high volume music, otherwise ideal for happy hours. A modern two-story clean cut with a rustic vibe we were greeted promptly and seated in our table. Located in the heart of Hartford off of Asylum street, Spice Venue has an extended multi-cuisine menu that is impressive and creatively created.

      For our starter, we had stuffed chilly which is crispy outside chilly fritter soaked in thicken gram flour batter. Crispy outside and melt in the mouth inside with chopped tomatoes and a few nuts garnished gives a good crunch and a great twist. It was one of my favorites from the night. Even though stuffed chilly sounds hot but it was moderately spicy and one shouldn't miss it.

      And then we ordered Chilly Chicken. Fried chicken chunks marinated with soy sauce and eggs and seasoned with green chilies. It could be a bit creative but it was just another entry.

      Then we had grilled fish cooked to perfection, oozes a fine flavor of spice and seamless blend of lemon, a succulent dish to savor. Here goes to my 2nd favorite.

      Then we had vegetable Biryani brewed in flavorful fierce spices, the flaky and grainy rice will tantalize your taste buds. Surely for one who dares to spice up.

      Then we had masala dosa or lentil crepes that come with a hot bowl of lentil and two chutneys, one is coconut and the other is tomatoes. A decent entry to try in Spice Venue.
As Spice Venue portions are generous we reserved the dessert for the next time.