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Fall in Connecticut

A chill nip in the air and the burst of color, fall is here sprinkling the nature's confetti in our heart and mind. Living in Connecticut for the last 16 years making it home, I cherish all four seasons however, nothing beats the magical mosaic of the fall. There are many ways you can enjoy and explore the fall season in Connecticut, whether you get lost in the serene beauty of small towns or the captivating coastal region or search for seasonal flavors. State parks are the best spot for leap peeping vivid colors  in Connecticut

Things to do in fall

Driving around: Nothing beats the driving around autumn leaf-peeping. You can find spots of scenic fall beauty in every mile. Lake Waramaug, kent fall state park, stop for the overlook view at Gillette castle.

Hiking: If you love hiking, Connecticut offers you the most stunning views of new England just a hike away. Go for an easy hike in Talcott mountain and soak in the sweeping view of the city and nature or for moderate hikes, hike up to Castle Craig, or Case mountain wonder awaits you.

Pumking craving
Fall is the best time to visit all those beautiful farms, find the shape and size of the pumpkin of your imagination and of course carve a pumpkin. I love to visit Fairweather farm and Bishop farm with my kids and always bring a pumpkin for my fall decor.

Get lost in the corn maze or take a hayride
One of the favorite activities is the puzzle in the Corn maze and what a fine ride on a hayride.
I love baking pie in the fall season or you can taste all the wonderful bake goodies whether apple pie or pumpkin pie or pumpkin spiced donut or apple cider, ah so yummy.

As they say, Connecticut has the longest fall season in New England. You can spot a fascinating fall color from early October and goes till mid-November. Usually, the 3rd week and 4th week of October is the peak time however it depends on the weather conditions that year.


  1. The leaves look so inviting. I live in FL and I must take a trip up North to see them!!! 🍁🍂


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