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Pastel - A few ways and how to wear pastel

      There was a time when pastel was limited to Ester holiday. However, in the Indian fashion scene sporting pastel is not unusual. I love how pastel has been dominating from a couple of seasons and looks like it's going to dominate the upcoming fall season as well.
      In my personal choice, I lean towards neutral these days and pastel works great in that way. I find it easy to dress up without being flashy, yet you can always go ahead and add accessories to team up more statement look.

How to wear pastel
  1. You can never go wrong wearing pastel with neutral. It is the most common and easy way to wear pastel.
  2. People often worry about teaming pastel with the statement or darker palate that it might take away the soothing and soft character. But in reality, is accentuate the pastel.
  3. You can wear pastel with pastel. Mixing up pastel is surely cool.
  4. Let pastel play the power, no need to add anything, pastel has its own beauty.
      I love to wear pastel color sarees in summer a lot. Here I am wearing a peach color saree with an off white crop top and a pearl necklace.

      In another picture, I am wearing a mint green dress with statement accessories a snakeskin bag and bold necklace. 

      In the other picture, I am mixing pastel with pastel and added bold accessories.

Please do let me know how you wear your pastels! Are you inclined towards any particular shade?