Bora Saul or Sticky rice a beyond festive delight

After moving to the USA when I tried sticky rice in a suburban Thai restaurant in my city, the taste exactly felt like the bora saul in Assam. That reminds me that Assam has a huge connection with Thailand and is believed to be Assam Ahom king came to Assam in golden stairs from Thailand. While migrating Ahom brought food from Thailand to Assam and probably sticky rice is the result of Ahom's immigration from Thailand.

   In Assamese culture, bora saul or sticky rice has great significance whether Bihu or any festivity. Whether making a flattened rice cake (pitha) or as a cereal or preparing just by itself,  it serves any occasion or festival.

   A mild flavored, luscious in taste, small oval in size after cooking it gives little silky texture. Without this glutinous rice, Bihu festivity is incomplete.

              Variety of Pithas from Bora Saul or Sticky rice

 A snippet of Bora saul in Assamese culture:

1. Bora saul can be served as Jalpan(snack) with jaggery and yogurt or milk. If you like more rich and creamy texture than use cream or sour cream instead of milk or yogurt.
2. Bora saul can be served with a dry sauteed vegetable like potatoes.
3. Bora saul goes well with chicken or duck curry or any meat of your preference.
4. Ground bora saul is used for making various pithas.
5. During festive season Sunga Saul is one the popular delicacy in Assam, where sticky rice is cooked in a bamboo stick. This succulent one of a kind dish is a must try.
6. If you are innovative you can make Sweet pulav with Bora saul. Don't forget it add some dry fruits and spice of your choice and Jaggery for the sweetness.
7. Typically Bora Saul is White in color, but black sticky rice is also available.

                            Two types of pitha one are from white bora saul and one is from black bora saul or sticky rice

    Bora saul has a huge history in the construction of monuments and bridges in Assam. Use of Bora saul and egg was believed to give a sturdiness to any construction. The Ranghar in Sivasagar is still standing holding the magnificent history along with the usage of Bora saul.
  The fulcrum factor of consuming Bora Saul is its high-calorie. So, Bora saul is traditionally popular among soldiers and farmers.
Next week is Bogali bihu. Assam will be fragmented with all festive foods. I  will keep calm and cook Bora Saul for my family. Have a great weekend and a great bhogali bihu or Magh Bihu .


  1. As you were publishing this post, I was on my way back home for spending this Bhogali Bihu with family - after 7 long years! :-) Bahut Pitha khalu :-)

    But anyway, very nice read.... Will you mind sharing where do you buy the Bora Saul from, (in USA that is)? What is the exact item name/rice name I should look for? Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you so much Arundhatee. Wish you and a family very happy bihu and new year. You can get Sticky or sweet rice any Asian store especially Chinese.

  2. I have not been able to find Bora Saul in the US. Can Thai sticky rice be a good substitute?

    1. Yes you can use Sticky rice as substitute of Bora Saul. It works.


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