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5 must try food when you are in Spain

      Being sick and lying in the bed is no fun. But imagining about good things especially memories is a solace while if you're sick. One of these beautiful memories transports me to my recent trip to Spain and it's most unique and iconic dishes.

1. Paella: Most iconic and celebrated Spanish rice-based dish originated in  Valencia and typically seafood based. If you don't prefer seafood you can choose chicken paella or if you are a vegetarian, it has the option for vegetarian too. There is almost no Spanish restaurant who does not offer paella.

 2. Patatas Bravas: An ubiquitous tapas in Spain. Fried potatoes almost taste like french fried topped with tomato sauce and vary from region to region. Enticing of course.

3. Churros:   Every nook and corner proudly present Spain's most delicious delight. Decadent fried sugary dough topped with chocolate...Ah heaven!

4.  Pimientos de Padron:  Tantalize your taste bud. Don't get overwhelmed as it is fried chilies and topped with sea salt. It is not as spicy as it sounds. Succulent.

5. Pan tumaca: Spanish bread topped with fresh tomato sauce, garlic and olive oil. Light crispy outside and soft inside. A treat for your taste bud.


  1. It all looks amazing...hope you feel well soon!!!

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