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Montreal Food- Indulgences and healthy choices part 1

      If you follow me or happen to read my last post you read Montreal top 5 coolest things to do. There I mentioned one of the coolest things is food. The food culture do talk about a place more than any other thing. Montreal food culture is enormous and vivid just like its food choices. I had been to Montreal twice but yet to cover many more.

 Le Darlington - Connecticut to Montreal was about 6 hours drive. When we reached Montreal It was almost evening time. Even though it was 1st week of April, you could still feel the sharpness of cold. We decided to have our Dinner early and did not want to explore much with our young kids. Le Darlington is in Courtyard by Marriott where we also stayed.

       Open high ceiling with modern contemporary interiors, Le Darlington is a chic place. A friendly welcome greeted us to our seats. We opted for soup after the long trip.

 A savory bowl of  Italian soup with mix beans. Mild in taste yet serves you a good deal on a cold winter evening.

For starter, we had mushroom with a spicy sauce that came with bread. It was enticing, delicately cooked shrimp in a hint of chilies and the spices added great punch.

Then came mozzarella slices with fresh basil and sliced tomatoes. The garden fresh tomatoes and basil indeed oozed freshness and the deliciousness.

And for the mains, kids had vegetable pizza and we had rice risotto. Kids thoroughly enjoyed their veg pizza. With a hint of butter and high consistency made the rice risotto silky, smooth and savory to taste.  The empty plates said it all. Gracious service made our meal even tastier.

     In the end, kids wanted a treat, and we ended it with a creme brulee. It was decent, the particular delight was missing somehow,  but when it comes to creme brulee.
     Our First Meal in Montreal ended pretty well. We then looked forward to the next morning and much more delightful meals.

To be continued....


  1. Very nice detailed description....Waiting for the continuation 😍


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